An Observation: Fries With That

According to my spam messages, my “humoristic style is witty,” so I suppose I’ll go with that today and talk about French fries for no good reason whatsoever. Why am I thinking about French fries? Well, I saw a fast food commercial, and it was all downhill for the little hamster wheel that is my brain after that.

Before I go any further–or is it farther? (I should probably look that one up. I will later. Distracted by the spinning fries.) Anyway, before I go on, I would like to make it clear that this is opinion. Very little actual research has gone into the writing of everything forthcoming in this post. I’m simply exercising my “humoristic style is witty” muscle for this one. Of course, there will be a few facts–such as, “fries are made from potatoes”–but that’s about the extent of it for now.

I started wondering why and how fries became the side dish of choice in the fast food realm. One likely simple answer is that they are easy to package and carry, although everyone who has ever eaten fries in the car knows that at least one or two find their way under a seat never to be seen again until trade-in time for the vehicle. Oh, and fries are relatively inexpensive and fast to make. Oh, and they offer four million times the recommended daily intake of stuff that’s not good for you. (Not sure how that’s an advantage. Plus, that’s just an exact estimate on my part about the health benefits.)

Potatoes–in their starting form–aren’t usually something I would think about pairing with a hamburger, though. (Well, I mean, not raw, anyway.) Fries, yes. But is it because we’ve been conditioned to believe they are the optimal pairing, or are fries simply the perfect burger side dish?

(Man, I’m hungry.)

And then there’s the ketchup, which evolved into other dipping sauces, some of which can also go on the burger, and I think I may have just answered my own question. It’s all come full-circle now. I think.

Okay, I get it.