An Observation: I’m Not Any Taller

Let me begin by saying that I’m not in training to be the next everyday citizen in space. Sorry if that’s disappointing to some of you. I don’t like heights, so the astronaut thing was never going to happen.

I’m also not Barney Fife. Just clearing that up before there are any further questions. I know there are plenty of you out there who will recall an episode of The Andy Griffith Show in which Barney tried to get taller to meet new regulation height requirements once you see my photo.

Oh, this is also not a product review, because I haven’t used the product enough to render a review yet.

No, I’m simply an everyday citizen having some neck problems and trying to follow doctor’s advice…to comical effect.

Just a little stretch.

This is referred to as a cervical traction device. It’s a little like sitting under the hair dryer at the salon, only it’s completely different. As you can see, it has done no favors for my hair. It’s actually fairly comfortable, believe it or not. The most challenging part of the whole thing is filling and emptying the water bag, which is responsible for the stretching (it’s behind my chair, hanging from the pulleys attached to a metal contraption that goes over the top of the door).

So…we’ll see how this goes. Oh, and I’ll keep my phone with me at all times during my stretching sessions. If I get stuck, I might need some help.