An Observation: Observing an Observant Dog

My mom recently welcomed a new friend to the family: a puppy. Yes, I have another little brother now, and this one runs way faster than the other one (sorry, but it’s true). He also barks a whole lot more, which makes sense, because he’s–you know–a dog.

His name is Radar. I’ve only had a few opportunities to hang out with him, but this dog is impossibly cute and he knows it. He’s also quite observant (even if he doesn’t have much intelligible commentary to add to a situation). In particular, he has become a connoisseur of anything remotely edible and will stare you down at the dining table.

For example, here’s what you’ll see if you sit at the dining table for breakfast:

Here’s your lunchtime view:

And, finally, dinner:

As an added bonus, he is quite skilled at pre-rinsing dishes. I think it’s fair to assume that he will earn his keep around her house. Keeping up with him, however, is another story for another day. (He’s quick. He hasn’t caught any squirrels yet, though, so he has some work to do.)

My observations of Radar have mostly been limited to pictures and videos and a couple of in-person visits. What I have seen, however, is that he is a curious pup with more energy than an espresso factory’s product beta tester. He’s soft, too, if you can catch him long enough to give him a belly rub. Mostly, though, I can observe that he’s good therapy if you’re having a “ruff” day. (“Ruff.” Ha! See what I did there? You…okay, that was pretty bad. Sorry. I’ll try harder.)