An Observation: Picture This

Looking for photography opportunities is always on my mind. I’ve begun carrying my camera everywhere just in case I come across an idea for a great shot. My mind seems to function as a lens, with composition being the first consideration.

(Let’s face it, I catch myself thinking of my windshield as the lens. Bug splatter drives me crazy in that respect.)

Lately, I haven’t ventured too far from my backyard for a series of photos that I call my “fence posts.”

I don’t always have the time to get in the car and drive somewhere to scout out a good sunset location when I realize a really good sunset is happening. (Photography isn’t my full-time job; by the time I get home in the evening I sometimes have just enough energy to scout out a good location to collapse. My sofa usually wins. It’s close to the door.) I have a pretty tall privacy fence that does its job quite well, but it obstructs the view. So, I decided to take advantage of it and look at the sunsets and cloud formations from a different perspective.

I call this one, "Surely You Can't Be Cirrus."
From the “Surely You Can’t Be Cirrus” collection.

Springtime cirrus clouds–that was a big win. Wispy is always a good look on the sky. And you don’t have to go far to find them when they happen.

This one was all about color. And creativity. And color. Mostly color.
This one was all about color. And creativity. And color. Mostly color.

Sometimes, the clouds are secondary and the impression of the colors stand out in the shot. Photography is interesting like that.

I stepped as far back as I could for this shot. The fence is still there, but the colors from the sunset were much more visible from this angle.

Different angles also make a shot more compelling. When you’re pressed for space, again, you have to get creative.

As I mentioned earlier, photography opportunities are everywhere…even when you think you don’t have many different ways to approach subjects. Just take a good look around and you’ll be surprised. I don’t suppose I’d be calling myself the Meticulously Observant Observer if I didn’t observe these kinds of things.

And try not to collapse on the sofa for too long. Taking a photo is a little tough while you’re face down and drooling after a long day. (That’s more of a reminder for myself. Do you hear that, self? Get movin’!)

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