A Brief Observation: “Awards” Shows

I did not watch the VMAs last night…or whatever “awards” show it was that graced the television sets of America. I heard plenty about it, though.

And that’s EXACTLY why I don’t watch “awards” shows.

These shows have NOTHING to do with music anymore. The “M” in MTV is like the “S” in Harry S. Truman. It’s there, but it doesn’t stand for anything. 

The first headlines I saw online this morning all had to do with the “controversy” created by Miley Cyrus and an interesting wardrobe that we honestly knew was within the realm of possibility for her. I also brushed up on my political news in hearing about Kanye West’s apparent declaration for the presidency in 2020.

I haven’t really seen any kind of “awards” show in years that hasn’t been “upstaged” by its own participants.

(If you think I’m using quotation marks quite a bit right now, it’s because I am.)

Here’s a news flash (kids, take notes): Miley Cyrus is NOT creating “controversy.” She’s seeking media attention.

(Whoops. I guess I just gave her some media attention, albeit on a very minor scale. I’ll try not to do that anymore.)

Kanye West is NOT going to be sitting in the Oval Office anytime soon. He’s trying to sell his product.

Their products are NOT music.

Their names are the products.

Marketing is the last remaining art form available for mass public consumption. Think about that the next time you decide not to tip a truly talented performer singing in a club to earn enough money for a meal or two.

Caveat emptor.

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