A Broken Bookmark: Nerd Medal

For those of you who are keeping track, 2016 is an Olympic year. It’s a year in which we will frequently hear stories of athletic glory…and injury. Injuries that occur as a result of rigorous, repetitive, stressful training.

Yeah, I’m not included anywhere in the “athletic glory” camp. Nowhere near it. I’m somewhere on the other side of the world…in a dark corner of a small municipality, curled up with a book.

Unless “Reading” becomes an Olympic sport, I’ll never qualify for what most people view as the pinnacle of amateur athletic competition. If the IOC ever does add a reading contest, I can assure you that I’ll be going for the world record.

The face of a serious athletic reader.
The face of a serious athletic reader in training.

I’ve already taken care of the “injury” part, though.

Sort of.

Years of repetitive reading finally took their toll.

I broke a bookmark.

My...medal. (The ribbon is supposed to be attached. Oops.)
My…medal. (The ribbon is supposed to be attached. Oops.)

I travel with lots of books. I went out of town a couple of weeks ago, and I took lots of books with me, including the one in which this bookmark was temporarily residing. When I unpacked my books, the bookmark came out in two pieces.

Such a shame. It was a gift.

As the gamers among us might say, “nerd achievement unlocked.”

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