A Day In April: Fool Me Once

Ahh, April first.

You’d probably think today would be my Christmas, New Year’s, and Fourth of July rolled into one.

Alas, the best I could come up with today was adding yet another day to a leap year.

It's not a total lie...
Why should February always get the extra day?

I sat down for a few minutes this evening and started thinking about all of the elements that would have to converge to create the perfect prank. I’ve come up with three. Now, I said nothing about it being an April Fools’ Day prank–just a perfect prank.

Here we go…

Element No. 1: The Element of Surprise.

Most people with a healthy sense of self-preservation and a slight touch of paranoia will be on the lookout for pranks occurring on April 1. This heightened level of awareness creates more suspicion. More suspicion leads to more questioning. More questioning leads to more thwarted plans. Even the most methodical prankster can stumble when someone asks a few too many questions. In order to pull off the perfect prank, you must have the element of surprise on your side.

On April 1, people are expecting a prank.

Too predictable.

I contend that the pranksters among us choose a date in which people have become complacent. Think about it. April 1 passes…and nothing happens.

“No one got me this year! Ha!”

April 8, 9, 10…nothing…and you’re starting to believe that you will escape April without falling victim to a prank from a friend.

“Golly, it’s April 11 and no one has tried to play a joke on me this month. I’m really not sure why I was thinking of this in the first place since April Fools’ Day was way back at the beginning of the month. I should probably be thinking of other more pressing matters in my life right now. How obscure of me.”

For the perfect prank, I’d like to suggest April 15.


Well, why not? It’s still April, so you could (very) technically call it an “April Fools'” joke. And everyone’s paranoia is focused elsewhere on April 15…for a different reason. That, in turn, brings me to…

Element No. 2: The Element of Realism.

Ladies and gentlemen, what happens on April 15? Yup, you got it. The taxman cometh. April 15 is a day just begging for a little lighthearted humor which could easily be set in situations realistic enough to make for a great prank.

Just one note of warning, though. Make sure the friend on the receiving end of the prank is healthy enough to withstand a joke of financial proportions.

And that leads to…

Element No. 3: The Element of Being Fun Without Crossing The Line Into Cruelty.

Honestly, does this one really need to be discussed? Be funny, be creative, but, in the words of Elvis Presley, “Don’t be cruel.”

Of course, now that I’ve put this in writing, I’ve probably rendered the “Element of Surprise” obsolete. So, I suppose it’s back to the drawing board.

Therefore, I bid you a good day, and my wish for all you pranksters out there is that your future pranks are perfectly crafted in good fun.

3 thoughts on “A Day In April: Fool Me Once

  1. Sooooo wonderin’ if the same shirtfront if expectations would work elsewhere? What about a birthday? It would be the perfect play for being late. “ I knew you’d be expecting presents on your birthday, so I waited on purpose and Now surprised you with a card and present 2 weeks later. Now you’ve had 2 birthday celebrations.”

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