A Penny For My Thoughts: Dollars Are Worth More

If I had a dollar for every penny I have, I could buy an awful lot of gumballs.

Oh, darn. Looks like this one only takes quarters. (Image found and used from igumballs.com.)
Oh, darn. Looks like this one only takes quarters. (Image from igumballs.com.)

Of course, I could also take the money I would have spent exacerbating my temporomandibular joint issues and sink it into a nice vacation spot on a remote tropical island.

Not quite THAT remote.
Not quite THAT remote.

They say a dollar isn’t worth much these days. It’s true. It’s probably worth a lot more now than it will be in another decade or so, though. Today’s dollars are tomorrow’s cents.

That’s why I think it’s way past time to update the expression “a penny for your thoughts.” (I really should properly phrase this well-known idiom in the form of a question, but I’m not on Jeopardy! yet, so I think I can get away with making it more of a declaration.)

Given historical inflation rates and current trends, I think my thoughts are worth at least a buck…maybe two, but only if they’re good ones.

Yes, I’m proposing a raise in the minimum wage on thoughts. A penny is about as minimum as it gets, folks.

Anyone else out there have any thoughts on the subject?



Maybe I shouldn’t ask that question. I’m not prepared to pay for those thoughts. Not even at their current rate.

Never mind.

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