A Reality Check: Lottery Loser Forced To Go Back To Practical Dreaming

Wahoo, Neb.–After a week of entertaining thoughts of leaving his job at a local air hockey manufacturing center for relaxation on a private Caribbean island, local Powerball loser Joe Goodefornuthin reluctantly made plans to shift gears to a more practical train of thought upon realizing that the winnings had gone to someone else.

“I plan to start daydreaming about my 401(k) next week. Today, though, I just need a little more time to make the cabana in my mind look like I think it could have.”

At press time, Goodefornuthin was driving home from work contemplating who he would have taken with him to the island, a small, uncharted tropical hideaway fully-stocked with a fifty-year supply of Cheetos and 25-seat private screening room set to play “The Godfather” on a continuous loop.

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