An Observation: Car Daydreaming

You ever notice that when you’re even remotely considering the possibility of shopping for a new car, every car you see is the one you want?

I was thinking about that today as I drove around running errands. Every car I see on the road lately is the exact make and model I’m considering. (That one. No, that one. That one, too. Yes, that one.) Why, just last weekend I quizzed someone I hadn’t seen in two years about their vehicle before I even bothered to ask about their family.

Someone I Haven’t Seen In Two Years: Good to see you! It’s been a while! How are you d–

Me: Is that your SUV in the driveway? What kind of mileage does it get? Do you like it? Is it a smooth ride? I’ve been looking at those. Are they as nice as they look? Reasonably priced?

Someone I Haven’t Seen In Two Years: Umm…I’m doing fine, thanks…

Every little squeak and imperfection with my current ride is amplified tenfold right now. Everything about my car makes me feel like I own a golf cart while the rest of the world drives their grownup cars.

It's as if my own car is trying to tell me something...in the snow...two years ago...
It’s as if my own car was trying to tell me something…in the snow…two years ago…no, that remark had nothing to do with the crippling cold and ice that winter…or Shakespeare…

I guess I could always just give it a good cleaning to see if that makes me stop staring at other ca–nah, that’s too much work. What was I thinking?

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