An Unconventional Bucket List: Twelve Items

Bucket List CatMost people have a bucket list consisting of typical, grandiose wishes…skydiving, climbing a really big mountain, flossing at least once a year.

I’ve never been one to completely follow a crowd, so I’m sharing my unconventional bucket list with you.

List Of Things To Do Before…You Know, THAT Happens

(I’m hoping I have a good 80-90 more years to work through this list. I never said I was good at math, but that should give me plenty of time…and the world record for being really old…)

1. Order a No. 3.5 at Wendy’s just to see what you end up with.

2. Name a dog “Flea Market.”

3. Run twelve hair dryers at once.

4. Take an emergency electrical repair class immediately after completion of Item No. 3.

5. Pass out business cards with nothing except a stick figure on the front.

6. Eat Jell-O with chopsticks.

7. Leash-train a bird.

8. Put a stamp on an email.

9. Ask a loan officer for thirty-seven cents.

10. Ride a tandem bicycle alone.

11. Invent Formula 410.

12. Spearhead a successful campaign to restore proper use of possessive pronouns and apostrophes.

So…anything else?

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